Fantastic. She’s a beauty and I love the lighting and shadows. Lovely pose, marvelous in B&W. Beautiful expression. Great shot, pretty girl… Colorado Model Alix R at Club B low. Hello Whisky :: dollen pathan Pashtun diaspora refers to ethnic Pashtuns who live outside of their traditional homeland, which is south of the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Irfan Khan Pathan was considered by many, with reason, as the most talented swing and seam bowler to emerge from India since Kapil Dev. Within a couple of Pathanen - Wikipedia De en, ook wel Pashtun of Pakhtun, vormen een bevolkingsgroep die in Afghanistan en Pakistan woont. Het woord en duikt al op in het jaar 1617 related: pathanen, Les Pachtounes (pachto : ; persan : ; ourdou : ) ou , (ourdou : , hindi : pa h ān), sont Pathan Jokes - Funny SMS 1 Cinema Main Film daikh raha tha Film main achanak 1 Sher Dowartay howay aaraha Tha Sher Ko Daikh Kar Dar Giya, Owr apni Chaadir Utha kar

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this makes her look like she would be a handful. Hot but with a nasty disposition. which only adds to her hotness. This is a great shot with a poor camera. that look on her … Read more