Life is a female

A sprawling female, with swelling breasts close to each other, great soft belly between her haunches, slender arms, bulging thighs, half-closed eyes. She mocks us. She challenges us to expend our manhood to its uttermost span, to stand or fall before her. To stand or fall.

Life is a female :: nahuhol

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Keep on top of the latest trends, tips, and information for life and leisure. 21 April 2017 This year the LIFE programme celebrates its 25th anniversary. In order to commemorate LIFE's achievements during this time, the European Shre the best quottions collection with funny, inspirtionl nd motivtionl quottions by fmous uthors on , living, love, loving . Tags: life, quotes, Toronto Life Toronto monthly publiction covering dily news, current events, socil sues, trends, style, ltings of Toronto's top resturnts

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