So lovely, Merina

Everything is perfect in this photo; the light, the set, the model, the look in your eyes. Maybe the position of the left hand could be quite better…
Your gallery is superb.

So lovely, Merina | Merina

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Why Madagascar? Much like Galápagos, this is a place that conjures up images of amazing wildlife - wildlife that is among the best in the world in terms Hello there ladies!! =) sorry its been so long, i got a new computer after my old one crashed and i lost my bookmarks and the link to you all!! but, ive Here is my Mirena story—What I finally posted on forums when I was struggling to find answers. I posted this on October 15, 2010 . Tags: life, after, Dong Yi - AsianWiki Han Hyo-Joo: Ji Jin-Hee: Lee -Yeon: Bae o-Bin: Jung Jin-Young: Choi Suk-Bin King Suk-Jong Jang Hee-Bin Cha Jeon-o Seo Yong-Gi

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