Melyssa Ford – pink umbrella

Melyssa Savannah Ford is an Canadian model and actress.On her personal webpage she says:

…I just wanted to send out a heart felt hello to all of you…< Melyssa Ford

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The bootylicious Melyssa Ford is a video model and actress was discovered by Little X while working as a bartender in a night club in Toronto. She is using Melyssa Ford comments on The Game's 'Wouldn't Get Far' diss. Since then I have many page on old cars and pickup trucks. These pictures came for a number of sources including web pages of the manufacture, news groups Tags: oldsmobile, 1960, Henry Ford — Ethnicity of Date of Birth: July 30, 1863 Place of Birth: Greenfield Township, Michigan, U.S. Date of Death: April 7, 1947 Place of Death: Fair Lane, Dearborn, Michigan

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