Jillian in Jeans with a Cute Tattoo

Jillian Michaels’s first photoshoot. Small softbox, closely placed fill cards, shiny card over head to provide a little hair separation. See previous images for more information.

She admitted to loving that show about America’s next Top Model. While I can tell you that the business is as similar to that show as playing Canasta is to wine tasting, it did seem to give her some confidence in her posing. I was very happy with the relaxed posing and attitudes she was able to convey on a first shoot.

I really like this gal, and the way you shoot her!

Jillian in Jeans with a Cute Tattoo | Wizwow

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  1. Being a single male for quite some time and looking at her photo from 2007 this women presents herself as a sophisticated female with a sex appeal.
    Also the photo of her shows as a person with higher capacities of thought leaning toward an educated person.
    As far as her body the clothing leaves my imagination as wonder struck toward a desirability of companionship.
    Calgary Alberta Canada 2016 AD

rate her body, boobs and nipples