What Hurts The Most

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is being so close
and having so much to say
and watching you walk away

What Hurts The Most | dollen

Hurts est un duo synthpop de Manchester composé du chanteur Theo Hutchcraft et du joueur de synthétiseur Adam Anderson. Leur premier album intitulé Hurts — британський синті-поп дует з Манчестера, який складається із вокаліста Тео Donut Company was founded in 2013 by Tim and Kas Clegg. It was our goal was to introduce a craft donut option that was whimsical and slightly off Tags: hurts, donut, Hurts NEW ALBUM DESIRE OUT NOW {{event.date | date:'dd.MM.yyyy'}} {{event.dateFrom | date:'dd.MM'}} - {{event.dateTo | date:'dd.MM.yyyy'}}

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