Pin her Up

This is Tatiana’s Favorite image of herself that I took. I love it and I hope you do to.

Ariel, you do nice work. I like this shot best of the ones you have posted so far…good composition, lighting, editing.

Pin her Up | PoisonInPlastic

Pinup Glamour with Kay O'Hara. Revisiting classic pinup, cheesecake, retro glamour and pin-up art. e Petty pin-up artist | 1/2. 1894-1975. e Petty created The Petty Girl, an American pin-up icon who captured the nation's heart for more than - Vixens topsites for the best in adult art. Tags: vixens, Pin - definition of pin (pĭn) abbr. personal identification number (pĭn) n. 1. a. A short, straight, stiff piece of wire with a blunt head and a sharp point, used

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