Kimmey! Hello, it’s been a while!

My censorship issues with Flickr have now come full circle, both on my side as well as that of Flickr. I must hand it to Flickr, they’ve made huge strides in offering a self-censoring option with the new safety options.

What has this meant for me? For one thing, I now no longer need the black bars to cover nipples and pubic areas. I can just upload a single version of each image, which when designated “moderate” can remain public, but really not be seen by non-members of Flickr. I recently signed out and explored my stream. I was astonished at how it appears to a visitor. The works are disjointed and don’t flow. Without the missing images there is very little concept or rational to my narrative.

This is why I decided to invite my friends to my own site where my art can live in peace. No one can tell me what to do/show/say here. It is my site where I have complete autonomy.

So how does all this relate to Kimmey? Well, Kimmey has just been added to my site with a new series of images. New to the site, that is. Some have already been seen here on Flickr, but they are all together in one place on the site and they make for a really nice visual presentation.

So if you are a fan of Kimmey, this will be a good place to see her. You can also browse the site and view my other works with other models. And if you are just a fan of photography you might enjoy my other photographs that I have done over the many years.

Kimmey is very beautiful, sexy and sensuous girl, her features are exquisite and photograph very well. The images are perfectly done, composition, light, the deep colors all works very well together

Kimmey! Hello, it’s been a while! | Sol Lang

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