Sophie has been featured as a “Page Three” girl in The Sun. In 2005, she was voted 74th in FHM UK’s “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women 2005”. She was voted 1st place in Loaded Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Breasts” poll.

Sophie has appeared in such magazines as: Loaded, Maxim, and Zoo Weekly.

My boyfriend is completely obssessed with Sophie, seriously, he looks at pics of you whenever I am not in the house. The thing is, I really wouldnt mind, you do have a great set on her, but I also am pretty healthy up top (38DD) so cant understand why he wants to look at pictures instead of playing with the real things?
What do you think i should do about him?? He clearly needs some kind of reality check, dont you think?

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard Breasts Does Sophie Howard have the most perfectly shaped big tits or what?! I love it when I find new pictures of her [ ] Appeal Sophie Howard’s curves are an enlightening trip down memory lane to a time when models did not have to wear a size zero. Sophie’s uniqueness Back to Big Boobs Alert Mainpage: In December 2011 British glamour model announced she would quit modelling to focus on her studies. Tags: sophie, howards, » Sophie Howard Vol 1 had retired in 2011, does this mean she is back? Well we will have to wait and see, and while [ ]

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