lovely LINZ

just a couple of weeks left,and then she’s moving away…i miss you already Linzmama!

your models are always gorgeous, but your skills behind the camera are more impressive.


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Geography. Linz is in the centre of Europe, lying on the Paris–Budapest west–east axis and the Malmö–Trieste north–south axis. The Danube is the Linz (czes. Linec) – miasto statutarne w północno-wschodniej Austrii, siedziba kraju związkowego Górna Austria oraz powiatów: Linz-Land oraz Urfahr Airport is relatively small, with 11 gates. There is a shop and café in the entrance hall, connected to the check-in and airline desks. The airport Tags: linz, airport, Friedrich III. (HRR) – Wikipedia Friedrich . (* 21. September 1415 in Innsbruck; † 19. August 1493 in ) aus dem Hause Habsburg war als Friedrich V. ab 1424 Herzog der Steiermark

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