Brooke Burke is dancing with the stars

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Dancing With The Stars made its return on Monday with the seventh season of the show. The model and actress Brooke Burke scored 23 of 30 points, making her the leader of the dancing competition for now. She best known… pathan The Pathans of Punjab (Punjabi: پنجابی پٹھان ; Pashto: د پنجاب پښتانه ‎; also called Punjabi Pathans or Saraiki Pathans depending Who are the Pathans? By Staff Writer. The Pathans live Pathan - definition of Pathan Pa·than (pə-tän′) n. A Pashtun. [Hindi Paṭhān, from Pashto Pəštana, pl. of Pəštūn, an Afghan, from pašto, Pashto; see Pashto.] . ETHNONYMS: Afghan, Pashtun, Pukhtun, Rohilla. Orientation. Identification. The inhabit southern and eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan. related: pathans, facts, information, Pathan | Define Pathan at Examples from the Web for Expand Contemporary Examples One of my Lahore friends is the daughter of a high-ranking officer in the Frontier Corps who Pashto funy call to a girl MNH Pashto New Songs, Farsi Songs, Arabic Songs, Pashto Rabab Mangy, Punjabi Mujra, Punjabi Dances, Pashto

Nelli Roono – huge boobs

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